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Microbiological Analysis

Massachusetts State Certified Dairy Analysis

Massachusetts public health regulations require monthly sanitation testing of all ice cream and frozen yogurt producers. Ice cream testing is also good business practice. Undetected sanitation and spoilage problems lead to adverse publicity and even civil liability. Regular microbiological testing can detect these problems before they lead to trouble.

Krueger Food Laboratories can help you comply with these state requirements. Our technical staff are state certified for ice cream testing. Our expertise is backed by many years of experience with the state dairy compliance system.

We will visit your establishment monthly, take samples of the regulated ice cream and/or frozen yogurt, test them in our certified microbiology laboratory and report results to you with copies, as required, to appropriate city and state personnel. The tests that we perform are those recommended by the state to help ensure the quality (freshness) and safety of your product. To make use of our dairy testing services, contact us.

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