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Krueger Food Laboratories, Inc. is a private analytical chemistry and microbiology testing laboratory. The firm is a for profit company incorporated in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. It is an independently owned laboratory; it is not a subsidiary of another company. Its only business is the providing of analytical testing services and related consulting and sampling services to its clients.

Company History

Krueger Food Laboratories, Inc. was founded in 1984 by Dana A. Krueger and Rae-Gabrielle Krueger. The company was established as an outgrowth of Krueger Enterprises, Inc., another testing laboratory which is focused primarily on geochemical analysis.

The company was conceived as a resource to the food industry to assist in the detection and control of impure and mislabeled foodstuffs. That mandate has expanded to include nutritional analysis, general microbiology, food additive and flavor analysis, and a wide range of other technical services for the food and related industries.

At its founding, the company staff consisted of two employees, Dana A. Krueger and Rae-Gabrielle Krueger. By early 1998, the staff had grown to thirteen people. In 1996, Krueger Food Laboratories acquired the assets and clientele of Werby Laboratories, Inc. Werby Laboratories was an independent testing laboratory founded in 1923, and operated continuously for 73 years until its acquisition by Krueger Food Laboratories.


Krueger Food Laboratories, Inc. serves a diverse range of clients. The clients of the firm are located throughout the United States, and in numerous countries around the world. They include companies of all types and sizes, trade associations, government agencies, other service laboratories and private individuals.

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